Things you Need to Know to Save your Life from Fire in your Office

Fire safety training in the workplace is of paramount importance. Ignorance costs lives – ensuring every member of staff knows the procedure in case of fire can prevent tragedies from happening. There are certain things everyone needs to know, and other things that a few key members of staff should be given additional training in.

Everyone in the building should know where the meeting point is in case of evacuation and also what the fire alarm sounds like.

Fitting smoke alarms from at regular intervals throughout the building gives you more chance of detecting the first signs of fire. Each employee should be taken through the fire drill procedure and shown where the nearest exits and alarms are on their induction day.

All employees should be aware of the procedure to follow should they hear the fire alarm and also what to do if they discover a fire.

Performing frequent fire drills not only ensures everybody knows what to do - it can also reduce panic in the event of a real fire.

All employees except those designated fire safety monitors should simply walk quickly but calmly to the nearest safe exit and head directly to the meeting point without stopping to collect personal belongings. Nobody should re-enter the building until instructed to do so by a fire safety official.

At frequent intervals throughout the building, fit the appropriate fire extinguishers from At least one key member of staff on each floor or in each room should be trained in the proper use of these and refresher courses should be run at least once per year.

The fire extinguishers should be maintained regularly and displayed prominently in or around any high risk areas and at regular intervals. Best practice says that no employee should have to travel more than 75 yards to reach the nearest extinguisher.

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