Saving Electricity Means Saving Money

You don’t like getting your electricity bill every month. You know the drill. You see the envelop appear in the mail. You see who it’s from. You get out your letter opener ...

Investing vs. Saving: What Is the Market Telling You?

The economic times we’re currently living in might be rather unstable, but that doesn’t mean that you should get all the money you own and put it under your mattress. That ...
start saving at 40

Is it too Late to save? How To Start Saving at 40

One in five workers in the UK hasn’t put anything away for their retirement and is planning on relying on their state pension. However, the maximum state pension that you could receive ...

How to Save Money on Home Repairs?

A new home owner might seem surprised by the fact that how quickly a home repair bill can start to add up. It is surprising to note that most people even do not consider setting aside ...

Save Money by Organizing Your Life Better

Most people feel that they can just stuff their bills in a shoe-box till it is time to pay the taxman. But have you ever thought that by being disorganized, you may be losing money? ...
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