What Trader Type are You?

If you’ve ever traded Forex before, but aren’t too sure how you would describe your style of trading, this infographic should help you to pinpoint what category you fall into. There ...
Life of a Forex Trader

The Life of a Forex Trader

A Forex trader’s lifestyle has its both advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking into Forex trading, you might want to consider these before starting. The main advantage ...

Why Do Currency Exchange Rates Fluctuate?

Before understanding the reasons behind fluctuation of currency, you need to understand what an exchange rate and Forex trading is. An exchange rate is a rate of a currency against ...

Invest in Iraqi Dinar and Make Money (Profit) via Forex Trading

Currency trading has always been famous for making people rich all of a sudden. The profit from the currency business is associated with the buying and selling of the currency notes. ...

7 Excellent Ways To Earn Good Income With Forex Trading

Forex trading is not something that is meant for only corporate and banks. If you think that it is so then just take this thought out of your mind. It is one of the easiest means to ...
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