Technology and Professional Human Translation Service: Which is the Best Bet for a Small Business?

With limited budget, opting for professional translation services seems to be a bit too much for small businesses. Switching to translation software is catching on with entrepreneurs who work on a tight budget. But are these translation software really as effective as professional services of a translator?

Technology seems to be the driving the future success rate of entrepreneurs in a lot many ways and as most industries have shown in the recent past, the induction of technology to replace any form of professional human service providers can be quite productive and counterproductive at the same time.

This is the same transition that the translations service providing industry is facing at the moment and thus it poses one of the biggest questions in front of all present and prospective clients of this industry, is it safe and productive to sue technology instead of professional human translators?

This has been a raging debate for quite some time now and this piece aims to elucidate you about the differences that are there and help you to make a choice in the process.

Military Needs

One of the biggest fields where the translators and the translating service have its biggest impact is the military operations in order to collect intel on various foreign soil and other covered missions. This is why the, military has been one of the biggest subscribers to this service industry and with time the military has pointed out a range of problems that it has been facing when it takes into account the usage of human translators:

  1. Using human translators mean that it requires putting a human in a sensitive situation in the line of fire thus inviting danger to himself and those around him. The introduction of the translating services for this purpose will ensure that this problem is taken care of.
  2. Another rampant problem that the military reports when it comes to usage of human translators is the fact that the human translators have access to top secret sensitive information and thus might divulge them to pother sources and turn against the military. With the introduction of the technological English translation service, this problem can be taken care of to a large extent.

Threat to Human Translators

As has been the case when any technology has threatened to take over the supremacy of humans in providing a certain service, in the case of the translator industry, it has been noted that the employment and the income sources of the human translators in operation are at risk of oblivion. This has resulted in an outcry from the various unions and agencies which thrive on employing human translators for providing his service.

It has also raised the question that technology might be able to ease the various problems that human translators suffer from, but whether or not it is capable of replicating the high efficiency levels of a human translator remains a big question. This has been seen with the introduction of technology to replace human service providers in various industries and this makes the skeptics even more skeptical about the introduction of the same.

Once you have taken into consideration these two sides of the implementation of translating technology and replacement of the human translator you will soon realize that it is tough decision to make!

Vijayraj Reddy
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