Increase Remote Employee Productivity in 3 Simple Steps

Hiring remote workers is a cost-effective way to handle increased workload, but it can have some costly drawbacks if they are not working up to their potential. Here is how to increase remote employee productivity in 3 simple steps:

Clearly Define Objectives and Expectations

This is a critical step in maximizing remote employee productivity. Without clearly defined objectives and expectations it can be difficult to measure the performance and cost-effectiveness of hiring remote employees.

Each position you hire for should have a job description that details all expected duties. If there is a volume involved (such as data entry), you must set goals for the amount to be accomplished during each work session. In positions which involve tasks that are hard to measure, such as lead generation; having a set number of acquired leads may be the solution.

The important factor in this first step is to have a plan in place that accurately outlines the objectives and expectations of each position so there is no guesswork involved and you are ensured a maximum return on your investment.

Employee Monitoring Software

The second step in increasing remote employee productivity is implementing an employee monitoring software like My Team Monitor. With the clearly defined objectives and expectations in place, an employee monitoring software will enable you to keep track of the hours the remote workers are actually dedicating to their assigned duties.

My Team Monitor is cloud-based software that provides screen shots at five minute intervals while the remote worker is on duty, and tracks the volume of keystrokes and mouse clicks. You will be able to determine quickly if the remote employee is diligently working on their assigned tasks and how much idle time is being spent while they are on your hourly payroll.


Feedback and Recognition

Often overlooked with remote employees, this final step is critical in developing a rapport with your workers and increasing their productivity. With the information derived from the use of My Team Monitor you can discuss possible reasons for down time, adjust the objectives you have outlined for a position, or even cull non-productive workers from your employment.

Recognizing remote employees who deliver quality work will encourage them and increase their productivity. Working remotely can be more difficult than working in an active office environment where your work is more likely to be recognized by those around you. In recognizing and possibly rewarding a strong work ethic you will encourage those workers to keep striving to reach and exceed goals you have set for them.


Although increasing remote employee productivity can be a difficult and time-consuming task, implementing these 3 steps will give you a maximum return on your time and capitalize the money you spend to hire these workers.

The use of employee monitoring software like My Team Monitor will save you valuable time, and help you minimize wasted dollars on employees who are not performing their job duties as expected. You will have a measure of the amount of work being accomplished in given time periods, and increase your remote employee productivity.

About author : Neil Bachand is business productivity consultant. Neil enjoys sharing the do’s and don’ts of managing remote workers on various blogs. Learn how you to improve the productivity of your remote workers using software.

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