Impacts of Globalization on Small Business

Are you in small business? Are you aware of the impacts of globalization on small business? Read through this page to get an idea about the impacts or effects of globalization to small business.

What is Globalization in Business?

Globalization in business means to utilize the international market and finance world to expand the small business and spread it to other countries. It is the process to reach out to a number of countries to boost development of small and moderate business enterprises. And hence globalization is a very important issue for the progress and development of international trade.

Globalization helps small enterprises to come in contact with other similar kind of enterprises throughout the world. This process also helps in easy flow of capital and gives impetus to the communication system in international trade. Globalization helps in the growth of economic integration globally, establishment and spread of markets, job outsourcing, democratic advancement, and many more.

Let us see a few impacts of globalization to small business in the points mentioned below.

Impacts of Globalization

Job creation:

Globalization not only aims at business promotion, it also creates job opportunities, which, in turn, promote the economy of a country. SMEs are also helping to create job opportunities in countries recorded as high earners. So, globalization is a boon in creating employment opportunities throughout the world.

Help small companies or enterprises to enter into new markets:

Globalization has created the opportunities to get access to world markets, and by this scope small enterprises can sell their products and services. The SMEs are no more restricted to domestic or local markets. It benefits the companies by increasing the number of buyers, suppliers, collaborators and partners worldwide. Functions like selling, importing, exporting and production of goods also become easier. There is no more restriction regarding cost and legal matters in the international platform.

Use of new technology:

The application of new technology is helping the small enterprises to manufacture new goods and services which are suitable to domestic as well as international standards. Use of new technology also helps to incorporate use of machinery in sectors like production, service as well as in agricultural field. So, technology has a leading role in the progress of small business enterprises.

To conclude it can be said that globalization brings a fantastic scope for the small business to gain prominence not only in national sectors but also in international markets. Globalization is helping to increase the all-round business potentials. And hence it is also helping in the growth of international trade and finance.

Vijayraj Reddy
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    Great post Vijay. Globalization has been rapidly increasing since the last decade and it has also been creating mass job opportunities alongside development. Thanks for sharing this post buddy :) !
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