Saving Electricity Means Saving Money

You don’t like getting your electricity bill every month. You know the drill. You see the envelop appear in the mail. You see who it’s from. You get out your letter opener or slowly peel open the envelope with your fingers. You’re a little nervous about seeing those numbers in the “pay this amount” box. Might as well get it over with. You look at the amount due this month. It’s just as you feared. This bill keeps going up, and you’re not sure how to get it to go in the other direction. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some really cool tips on saving money immediately and over the long-term.


Switch Providers

A long-term solution to your rising electric bill is to switch providers. Many states now offer energy choice programs to homeowners and even renters. You aren’t stuck with the energy provider that you have now. Yes, the distribution channel will remain the same, but your supplier may be able to sell you the power at a much lower cost. It’s pretty easy to switch. All you have to do is call your power company and ask about your state’s energy choice program.

Lower Electricity Consumption

Doing simple things like turning off the lights in rooms you’re not in can make a huge difference. Some other ways to save on electricity include:

  • Turning off the automatic drying function on your dish washer.
  • Use a lower temperature setting when washing the dishes.
  • If you have an electric dryer, consider setting up an indoor drying area so that your clothes can air-dry. Use task lighting instead of overhead lighting.
  • Don’t use your garage door so much. Come in through the front door instead.
  • Unplug appliances and gadgets that you don’t use. Even when they are off, many powered devices draw electricity.
  • Keep your freezer full. A full freezer uses less energy than an empty one.
  • Watch less T.V. Televisions can be huge power-sinks in you have an older model. Even LED and LCD T.V.s consume electricity - read a book instead or play board games with your family. Find something interactive to do.
  • Clean your refrigerator’s coils. These things are dust magnets. Cleaning them will make your fridge run much more efficiently.
  • Untangle your clothes before throwing them in the dryer (if you decide to continue using it). It will cut down on the drying time.
  • Raise the refrigerator temperature. A lot of fridges are set too cold. Also, remember to change settings when winter hits. The colder ambient air temperature means that your fridge doesn’t have to work quite as hard and you can get away with a higher fridge temperature.

Switch Appliances

Buying new appliances is a long-term endeavor. You’ll incur a significant upfront cost but you should notice a payback after a certain number of years. The exact payback depends on what you’re replacing and the energy efficiency rating of the appliance. New dishwashers, refrigerators, T.V.s, and washers and dryers are just a few considerations when deciding which appliances to upgrade.

Switch Lightbulbs

Old incandescent bulbs can get expensive. Newer bulbs use less electricity. The CFL bulbs are pretty popular now, but newer LED bulbs are even more energy efficient. While they’re initially expensive, the cost will come down on these over time. Even now, you’ll get a good payback on them quickly due to the fact that they use so little energy.

Turn Down (or Up) The Thermostat

If you have electric heat, turn down the thermostat. Just a few degrees will make a huge difference in your bill. You could end up saving 10, 20, or even 30 percent just by lowering the heat a few degrees in your home. Likewise, if you have central air conditioning, turn up the thermostat. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to “cool it” on the air conditioning by upping the thermostat several degrees only to realize $50 or $100 in savings on the very next bill.

About author : Yogesh Mankani is a personal finance consultant that enjoys blogging. His articles appear on personal finance blogs where he shares his money saving tips. Visit the Texas Electricity Providers link for more money saving ideas.

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