Top 4 Rules of Good Customer Service

Don’t you remember the time when you developed a teeth infection immediately after the treatment and called dentist’s clinic for help? Remember how courteous and helpful the staff was? This is what customer service is! With the increasing responsibilities of the front desk, every dental clinic now has a dental answering service that can assist you with any query or problem that you may have.


Whether your business involves sale and purchase or whether you have a dental clinic, you need to provide good customer service. Your customers or patients won’t return if your interaction with them is not good and the customer service you provide is below par.

Providing service to your customer can last a few minutes, hours or even days. It depends on what you are selling and the satisfaction of the buyer. It can make or break your business. And, keeping this in mind, follow the top 4 rules of customer service as given below –

Be Honest – Your integrity is the most important of all the rules. If you have made a mistake, then accept it. Apologize to the customer and communicate the action that you are going to take to rectify this mistake. Don’t make the mistake of covering it up under layers of business or technical jargon. If you are honest then the customer will appreciate it.

Respond Quickly – Your response time shows how interested you are in solving the customer’s problem. Respond quickly and the customer will know that you are taking some action to resolve the issue.

The first step towards a quick response is emailing your acknowledgement of the issue. Update them about the action that your company is taking. This will go a long way in building a good relationship between the customer and the company.

Don’t Make False Promises – Give realistic hopes and try to live up to them. Don’t make promises that you know you won’t be able to keep. It can be the time that you will need to resolve the issue or anything else.

If you know that a little pushing can sort out the customer’s complaint faster, then don’t hesitate to indulge in a little arm twisting with the other departments. Customer satisfaction is much more important than anything else here.

Respect The Customer – Finally, have a healthy respect for the customer and show them the respect. And, it is not only you who should respect the customer but everyone else in the company. Sure, you may have to deal with unreasonable or difficult customers from time to time but that is a part of the business. It is no reason to be rude to him.

When you treat the customer courteously, even when they are rude, they will come back to the company again and bring business to it.

These are the top 4 rules that you must remember when you are dealing with customers. They are basic rules that every business should incorporate and expect its employees and staff to follow.

Vijayraj Reddy
Vijayraj Reddy is founder & editor-in-chief of, a financial blog which helps people to earn money, invest money and save money. You can find him on Facebook & Twitter or send him email at [email protected]

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