How To Be An Amazing Office Secretary or Assistant

In order to be amazing at this profession, you really have to work hard at perfecting your skill set and be mentally tough because anything can happen on a work day. The printer could stop working, the mail could go missing, clients could be rude to you, the internet service provider could shut down and who knows a fly might swoop in and buzz around annoyingly all day.

These days the resume of an office assistant and secretary is very versatile in terms of credentials in business administration and skill sets. You have to constantly keep your skills up to date because of technological updates and changes in customer service.


In terms of customer service, it is not just about putting on a huge friendly smile on your face when you greet clients coming in; you have to take that friendly smile onto social media as well. You have to post the company’s latest products and announcements in new creative ways. Interacting with consumers is also a huge must.

If you know your way around managing a fan page on Facebook twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus then you should be fine because social media is staying. If not, get familiar with these websites today. Skills in graphic design are also a desired skill because you are doing layouts for emails in new creative ways. For example, websites such as Mail Chimp is being used for this.

As the office assistant and secretary, you are not only on the front line of the company but you are also hired to handle documentation and maintain organization for the company. There is accounting, website maintenance, spreadsheets, computer trouble shooting and other database programs to be taken care of. Also in addition to all of these technicalities, you have to have a touch typing speed of 50 -100 words a minute. So keep those fingers typing.

But if you are not that familiar with technology, you can invest your time in completing an online computer course that covers troubleshooting because though computers are great for work, they can still crash by that odd technical difficulty.

Your job is to assist where ever possible so apart from making coffee on a whim, be prepared to work effectively as a team with your colleagues and be well informed about finance. Know how to handle the documentation of business expenses, travel and incoming funds through accounting software such as MYOB and Sage 50 just to name a few. And most of all, you have to become advanced with Microsoft Office Suite.

You will be creating spreadsheets, letters, presentations and you could even design new brochures through Microsoft Publisher. Also if you have IT skills, your resume will definitely have an edge because html is another language written in many offices today.

Lastly, of course you definitely need to know your way around the office and you need to know how to keep it in tip top shape, so become familiar with what printing cartridges to use, such as a printer toner or a normal ink one. Keep the office in stock, such as paper and posting supplies. There is always something that needs to be done in administration.

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