Pink Slip Loans In California Can Help in a Financial Bind

Though there are some precautions in using them, pink slip loans in California can help you get out of a financial bind. They are quick and easy to get. You can get a loan regardless of your credit rating. All you need is your California Certificate of Vehicle Ownership, or pink slip, thus the name “pink slip loans.”


Procedure for Getting a Loan

Getting the loan on your car’s pink slip is very simple. You simply fill out the short application, surrender your pink slip, and you will get your money in a few minutes. There is no credit check. Your car is your collateral, so the loans are available to nearly anyone.

You will be allowed to keep and use your car. This allows you to continue to get to work and keep your finances in order. If your car is paid for, pink slip loans in California will offer you a solution when you find yourself in financial difficulty.

Amounts Available

Loans are made from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the value of your car and other factors. Though you may qualify for a higher loan, you might want to consider keeping it at the lowest you can manage, as anything you borrow will have interest charges added. So, consider how much you really need to alleviate your financial difficulty.

Another aspect of the amount of the loan to consider is the amount of the monthly payment that will be required. Look at your budget before applying for pink slip loans in California so you can determine the maximum amount of income you will have available for repayment. Be sure to keep the loan at an amount the yields a payment under this maximum amount.

Good Reasons to Get a Loan

There are good reasons to get one of the pink slip loans in California. There are also some not so good reasons. Some good reasons are:

  • A medical emergency
  • A temporary financial setback
  • Job loss with prospects of getting another job
  • A temporary layoff

Some not so good reasons to get one of the loans include:

  • Poor management of money
  • A job loss with no prospect of getting another one soon
  • The desire for a new wardrobe, “toy” such as an electronic device, boat, or other luxury

The reason it is not a good idea to get the loan for an ongoing lack of management or for a new item expense is because having a frequent financial shortage means the problem will just escalate. Poor management of funds on a consistent basis means you will have to borrow again as soon as you get the one loan paid off, or even before.

The basis of a good decision for pink slip loans in California is when money management skills are good, but something unavoidable has caused a financial bind. The ability to pay off the loan and move on without having to borrow again means you won’t get stuck in the trap of snowball debt.


There are some precautions to observe. One is to make sure you deal with legitimate businesses that have all the permits and licenses that are required. Check interest rates against the legally allowable limit. Make sure you are not being charged too much. And, finally, make sure you can afford to pay back the loan so you don’t lose your car.

Author Bio: Carmen Jessup has written about all things financial. One of her specialties is writing about pink slip loans in California. Her expert advice can help the consumer make wise decisions about using this method of relieving financial shortages.

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