2 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing At Least a Part of Your Income In Gold

Which is the only metal that doesn’t depreciate in value? It is the metal that has not experienced a downward trend in values in the last few years, the royal yellow metal, gold. Well, that sounds all too exciting and promising, doesn’t it?

The problem is the fact that according to some rumors, gold metal has been losing its ‘shine’ off late. Therefore, the market value that it enjoyed over the years is in for a surprise dip. To be honest, this is only a rumor and you will be better off not taking investment tips and ideas from people who are of this opinion. Here are 2 reasons why gold is still considered to be a safe investment idea:

Hedging Against The Weak Economic Forces

No matter what the politicians say, the ‘experts’ comment or the new bulletins promote, the fact is that the US economy is going through one of the leanest periods in its history. The dollar is depreciating rapidly and the economy facing an inflation that hasn’t been witnessed before.

No, you needn’t run helter-skelter with your investments. But you will surely need to know how to invest cleverly in order to protect your precious and hard earned money from these declining economic forces.

This is where the value of gold comes into play. With investments in gold, you can be sure that yo

u can easily get through any of the above-mentioned economic crisis. This is because of the fact that gold has a universal demand. Also, gold is priced in dollars as the base currency for the world. Therefore, you will be at the gaining end with the increased demand of gold, thanks to the weakening dollar compared to other currencies.


The Safety Net of Gold



Look around you, pick up a newspaper and read the headlines, and you will see reports of various crisis, uprisings, economic instability hitting all countries - both developed and developing.

Look into your history books and you will see that this has been a trend over the decades and centuries. This trend has just intensified with the advent of the modern economic thinking and its various perils. There is one thing common, when it comes to the concept of shelter from this crisis.

It is the fact that most investors, big or small, look for a safe haven for their hard earned money in times of economic turmoil. And there is one metal commodity in the investment market that never seems to be out of style. It is gold and it is always in demand in all countries. This is why you should invest a major part of your savings in gold. This investment is safe and can help you sit back and relax.

The American eagle gold coin is one such hugely successful and secured gold investment tool in the market and if you are satisfied with the above stated reasons, go ahead and secure your finances. Visit their website for more information.

Vijayraj Reddy
Vijayraj Reddy is founder & editor-in-chief of Startmysalary.com, a financial blog which helps people to earn money, invest money and save money. You can find him on Facebook & Twitter or send him email at [email protected]

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