What’s Right for you: Fulltime vs. Part Time Freelance Work

Working a traditional 40 hour week in an office isn’t the norm anymore, as more and more people are turning to freelance work instead. Around 4.2 million people are thought to work within the freelance sector. Of that, about 3 million work fulltime and 1.2 million work part time.

If you’re trying to decide whether fulltime or part time work would be better for you, the best way to make your mind up is to take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Fulltime freelance work

Those that work fulltime on a freelance basis work a complete week and often rece

ive a higher salary for their efforts.

What are the pros of fulltime work?

- While fulltime workers complete the same number of hours as someone employed by another company, they don’t have to work 9-5. They can work at any hour of the day as it suits them.

- Fulltime self-employed individuals often have lower stress levels as they’re able to change their work routine and style for the better.

- Permanent work can provide a much larger salary that usually sits well above minimum wage.

- If workers haven’t the time to do a full week they can always make up the hours the next week.

part time vs full time

What are the cons of fulltime work?

- In order to work fulltime, individuals need to put in between 35 and 45 hours a week which may not leave a lot of time for other responsibilities.

- It can cost a fair amount to invest in all of the required equipment for a home office.

- Working fulltime at home can get lonely sometimes, as workers don’t have any colleagues.

- Fulltime freelance work doesn’t come with any employee benefits, which workers may receive when employed by a larger company.

Part time freelance work

Many freelancers working on a part time basis already have a fulltime position within another company.

What are the pros of part time work?

- Working on freelance projects while also holding down a fulltime job can give people a chance to see whether freelancing fulltime could be right for them.

- Working part time alongside a fulltime job can help to supplement an individual’s income.

- Part time freelancers can work at any time of the day or night and can easily fit work around their fulltime position if need be.

- Getting freelance work isn’t as essential if fulltime work is already available.

What are the cons of part time work?

- Some part time freelancers don’t feel that they have enough time to work on multiple projects, which can limit the amount of money they’re able to earn.

- Working part time on freelancing while holding down a fulltime position can sometimes mean freelancers think they don’t need to charge as high an hourly rate. This can mean they end up undercutting themselves by accident.

- Managing both a fulltime and part time schedule can get stressful and can be time-consuming; it can leave little time for anything else.

- A lot of employers write clauses into their employees’ contracts to stop them from conducting any freelance work on the side.

Very few people jump straight into fulltime freelance work, as they need to build up a good base for themselves first. Starting things slowly with a part time freelancing gig can be a great way to get into the business, after which you can decide whether quitting your job and going fulltime or continuing the way you are would be best for you.

There are many benefits to being a freelance worker, but it can be tough sometimes as well. Make the right choice by testing the waters first.

This post was contributed by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Nixon Williams, a freelance accountancy specialist. Visit www.nixonwilliams.com to find out more.

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