How to Spend a Weekend Celebration from Your First Salary

First salary is always quite special for us. Once we join a job we start counting the day when we will get our salary for the first time in life. It brings a number of changes in our life such as suddenly we feel all grown up and independent and all of a sudden our friends and relatives start giving us importance. But you also have some duty to perform once you receive your first salary. One of the most important thing that you need to do is to throw a grand weekend party with your salary.

But you should be quite careful about the amount of money you should spend on the party. Because it is not expected that you finish your entire salary and borrow money from others. Therefore you can follow the following ways to organize the party:

Invite your friends and relatives to your home

This idea can be good as it can save your money. If you have enough space at your house where you can adjust around 20 people then your house can be one of the best places for partying and dining. It will be an added advantage if you have a open space adjacent to your home. This place can be used for some outdoor entertainments like games, barbeque and others. You can serve them home cooked food or you can also buy foods from outside. The menu should not be too heavy which can create a hole in your pocket. You can easily depend on the items like pastries, burgers, hotdogs and other items.

Dine out

If you do not have the capacity to make arrangements for many people you can then think about dinning out at a good restaurant in your locality. It will help you to get rid of the issues like decorating your house, arranging for foods and other things etc. You just have to book your table in the restaurant in advance. Because if the number of member are big it is better to make the sitting arrangements in advance. Sometime a number of restaurants offer big discount if the number of members are large.

Homemade foods

You can serve your friends and others whom you have already invited with home cooked foods. It may help you to save a large amount of money. But go for this option only if you are confident enough. Otherwise the entire party will be messed up as no party can be successful without good food. To do this you need to take preparations in advance. It would be better if you get some helping hands.

First you need to decide the items you want to prepare and then you need to finish shopping for those items. You should always target to finish preparing all the dishes in advance because once the guests start pouring in you have to welcome and entertain them you will probably not get enough time to cook unless you have maids and cooks.

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