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Five Ways to Improve Your Employees Productivity

Humans are lazy by nature and employees will only do as much work as they need to during their working day. This means that you will likely lose out on profit as they fail to sell more ...
start saving at 40

Is it too Late to save? How To Start Saving at 40

One in five workers in the UK hasn’t put anything away for their retirement and is planning on relying on their state pension. However, the maximum state pension that you could receive ...

What’s Right for you: Fulltime vs. Part Time Freelance Work

Working a traditional 40 hour week in an office isn’t the norm anymore, as more and more people are turning to freelance work instead. Around 4.2 million people are thought to work ...

Be Cautious of the UK Housing Market

2012 has seen a rise in the UK housing market but even though the market has been resilient, you have to be cautious. In 2012, the housing prices dipped by 1% but considering the effect ...

How to Deal with Burnout and Productivity

Laywers are famous for being ambitious and competitive. They push themselves to work longer hours than their coworkers, bill more hours, make partner at a younger age, attract bigger ...
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