The government grants civil servants a 20% salary increase

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has ordered wayward civil servants to be given a 20% salary increase plus US$100 from next month and other non-monetary benefits such as payment of school fees for their children.

The latest offer announced by the government on Tuesday night comes after teachers refused to report for work on Monday when schools reopened for term one citing incapacity.

Teachers and other civil servants demanded salaries in US dollars before 2018 when they earned more than US$500.

Fearing that the teachers’ strike could spread to the rest of the civil service, the government said in a statement that Mnangagwa had ordered state workers to receive monetary and non-monetary benefits.

“A 20% increase in the wage component of the Zimbabwean dollar with retroactive effect to January 1, 2022 will be implemented at all levels. US$100 per month in hard currency will be paid to each staff member beginning March 1, 2022,” the statement read.

“This will be done by converting a corresponding amount of salary in Zimbabwean dollars into hard currency, bringing the foreign currency amount to $175.”

The government pledged to pay civil servants’ school fees for three of their children, capped at $20,000, provide transportation for teachers and allow them to import duty-free vehicles.

Other short- and long-term interventions include ambitious plans to implement a housing loan scheme and build 34,000 teacher accommodation on school premises over the next 5 years.

“The government remains committed to continuing to improve the conditions of service for teachers and the wider civil service as the economy improves,” the statement added.


William M. Mayer