Life science professionals want a 15% to 20% base salary increase when changing jobs

Salary in the industry ranges from under $110,000 to over $380,000.

Professionals in the life sciences industry want a 15-20% base salary increase when they change companies, recruitment agency EPM Scientific has found.

According to the EPM Scientific study, industry professionals receive salaries ranging from less than $110,000 to more than $380,000, depending on the length of their career and the positions they hold.

Most industrial workers also receive an annual salary increase. For those in management positions, 59% of them receive a salary increase of up to 15%, while 50% of those in clinical positions and 67% of those in commercial positions receive up to ‘at 5 %.

As most candidates receive an annual salary increase upon adjustment, EPM SCieneteid said Singaporean professionals are also influenced by non-monetary benefits when changing careers, such as longer paid holidays and working hours. flexible work.

According to the survey, most salespeople (75%), senior managers (70%) and clinical professionals (67%) work flexible hours. More than half (59%) of business professionals also get 14-20 days of paid annual leave, while most senior managers (52%) and clinical professionals (50%) get more with 21-27 days.

“As the life sciences market is booming and a niche industry for talent, we urge our customers to stay ahead of their competition in recruiting the right talent,” said L. ‘agency,

Hiring managers need to have a good understanding of the best the company has to offer, whether it’s culture, benefits, or overall compensation. It is essential to take the pulse of what is offered on the market,” he added.

William M. Mayer