Rogersville City School Board of Education Approves Staff Salary Increase | Education

ROGERSVILLE — The Rogersville City School Board of Education has passed its budget for the 2022-2023 school year, which includes an increase for school staff.

The BOE met on TuesdayMay 17, at a special meeting called to discuss its budget.

The school system has received approximately $6.1 million for the upcoming school year. This amount includes $4 million in state funds for education, about $918,000 in local taxes, and about $979,000 from the city’s general fund.

The school system will also receive $99,947 from the state to help fund its preschool program.

Due to state salary increase requirements, all RCS personnel received a 3% salary increase.

“Overall, the school’s money is tight, but our staff are doing a great job, and they deserve more than 3%,” said schools principal Edwin Jarnagin.

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The system has budgeted a total of $2.17 million for teaching staff who provide standard instruction.

The school plans to evaluate incoming Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) funding and see if it can be used to increase the salaries of other staff members, such as custodians.

For the most part, RCS’s budget remained the same. The system still has approximately $2 million in its general fund balance.

The total estimated expenses are $6,140,384, the same amount as the expected revenues.

The BOE passed the budget unanimously.

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