Cobb Schools’ FY23 budget includes ‘highest salary increase ever’

Brad Johnson, Chief Financial Officer of the Cobb County School District.

The Cobb County School District is presenting a proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 of $1.4 billion that will include what Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said will be the largest salary increase for employees in district history.

At a Cobb Board of Education business session on Thursday afternoon, Ragsdale made the announcement, saying increases for non-temporary full-time employees would range between 8.5% and 13.1%.

The proposed budget was then presented by Chief Financial Officer Brad Johnson, who said the mileage rate would remain the same at 18.9 million.

Tax assessor Cobb predicts that tCounty tax summary will increase by more than 10% in 2022.

About half of the school district’s budget comes from local property taxes, and the state provides most of the rest through the Quality Basic Education Act.

Budget documents have been posted on the district website on this link.

The council passed a draft budget on Thursday evening, but further public hearings will take place next month before the budget is officially passed on May 19.

Ragsdale said the number of working days for teachers will be reduced to 187 days and full-year salaried employees will work 237 days.

Part of this is because Juneteenth is a county and state holiday in June.

But Ragsdale said there “will be no diminished pay to accompany diminished days”.

Ragsdale, who has served as superintendent since 2015, added that this is the second time during his tenure that the district has offered a record pay raise.

“That says a lot,” he said.

The 2022-23 budget comes into effect on July 1.

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