MOE teachers and Allied Educators will get a salary increase of up to 10% from October 1

SINGAPORE: Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers, Allied Educators and MOE Kindergarten Educators will receive a salary increase of 5 to 10% starting October 1.

“This is to ensure that their overall salary packages remain competitive and that MOE can continue to attract and retain good educators,” the Department of Education said in a news release Tuesday, August 16.

The pay increase will benefit approximately 35,000 education officers, 1,600 allied educators and 800 MOE kindergarten educators.

Salaries of teachers and related educators such as counselors and student welfare officers were last revised in 2015. The MOE Kindergarten Educator Program was not introduced until 2019.


The Ministry of Education will also strengthen a 30-year retention program for teachers known as the CONNECT plan.

Currently, a lump sum ranging from S$3,200 to S$8,320 is set aside annually for Education Officers, depending on their seniority. Payments are made every three to five years and include a proportion of accumulated money.

From 2023, the CONNECT plan will be globally improved by around 20%. “The annual deposit amount and payout ratio will be increased to better support agents in the early years of their careers,” the MOE said.

The ministry also announced that a new grade of General Education Officer (GEO) 5A will be created to better recognize the contributions of high-performing teachers who do not hold key staff positions, such as subject leader or teacher. major.

Currently, Education Officers who do not hold key personnel positions, and who would typically continue as classroom teachers, can progress up to GEO 5 substantive grade. Meanwhile, those in key positions in the staff can be promoted to substantial ranks of Senior Education Officer (SEO).

From next year, teachers who are not in key personnel positions when they are at the maximum salary point of GEO 5 substantive grade can move to GEO 5A, if they meet the performance criteria for a promotion.

They will thus benefit from a higher salary cap, which will be between that of the tenured GEO 5 and SEO 1 grades, the MOE said.

“Teachers are at the heart of our education system,” MOE said, adding that it will continue to provide opportunities for educators to learn and grow throughout their careers.

“This includes providing in-service courses to help teachers deepen their mastery of content and pedagogy, as well as exposing teachers to a variety of experiences outside of the classroom through work placements. external,” the ministry said.

William M. Mayer