How do I ask for a pay rise?

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Asking for a raise is often embarrassing and stressful for an employee. To be fully ready on D-Day, you need to be fully prepared. You don’t want to be too cool and show up with your hands in your pockets.

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The most important thing for a salary increase is to have the right arguments, to have your company’s salary policy in mind, to do it at the right time, not to stress, and to speak to the right person.

Reasons why you should ask for a raise

Typically, you don’t get a raise for any reason. Different aspects influence managers and are a great reason to offer you the opportunity to negotiate a raise. Learn more about these aspects.

When the goals have been achieved

If your various goals have been achieved, you have already taken on a major challenge, and success after success, you should ask for a raise because you simply deserve it.

Important point: a raise and an exceptional bonus are not the same thing. The complete success of a project does not necessarily justify the request for a raise. In such a situation, a bonus is usually a more justified reward. Often, a raise represents recognition for continued work or a change in responsibility.

If your salary is not in line with the market

For various reasons, your compensation is lower than the average for your position given your experience. In this case, a salary catch-up of around 5% should be discussed in the annual budgets. The employee should not present the fact to his manager but discuss this point with him well before the closing of the budgets.

Knowing how to prepare the employee before the start of negotiations is essential. Make sure you are well informed about your company’s salary policy. This will prevent you from being too greedy. If the group is used to giving raises of around 4%, don’t ask for double or triple!

Know the financial health of the company before asking for a raise

First, we recommend that you learn more from your manager about the realities of the economic health of the company:

Is the company close to bankruptcy? Has the company managed to keep its head above water? Did the group take advantage of the Coronavirus to make a profit? Depending on the answer to this first question, you will be able to see whether or not you can ask for a raise.

Don’t get carried away and be realistic about the desired rate of increase.

Did you make a strong impression during the Coronavirus crisis and are you looking for a raise?

Once you’ve proven your worth to the company, you need to state the amount of money you want. So, what rate of increase to ask? On this point, be as realistic as possible. Don’t ask for too big a raise!

Asking for a salary increase after the Coronavirus pandemic can seem very complicated. However, by being well informed about the economic context of the company and the room for maneuver of your manager, but also by listing your achievements throughout the year, do not hesitate for a second to ask for the desired increase.

How do you ask for an adjustment

Start the meeting with simple topics. Stress is evacuated by talking about peripheral subjects such as a simple positive fact or the current atmosphere in the company. Make sure to be courteous and confident (but not arrogant). And during your pitch, seek the opinion of your manager.

Here are two examples of questions you can ask your manager:

“What is your position on my request? “. Do not hesitate to feed the exchange of arguments.

“Do my results not allow the company to benefit from real added value?

Prioritize questions that lead to affirmative answers from the manager.

When should you apply?

There are different critical moments in the life of a company to ask for a raise.

Following a promotion

Most of the time, a promotion means a raise. An evolution or a change of position is an ideal moment to negotiate a raise. An additional workload justifies a new salary. Now is the perfect time to address this topic.

During an annual evaluation interview

Such a meeting with your manager is the perfect opportunity to take stock of the past year and highlight your projects, expectations or desires.

However, it all depends on the corporate culture. If, in the latter case, increases are negotiated at the annual meeting, do not be afraid and make your request. It is recommended that you only ask for a raise once a year.

William M. Mayer