Extended contract for HCPSS Superintendent, no salary increase

HOWARD COUNTY, MD — Howard County Public School System Superintendent Michael J. Martirano’s contract has been extended through the 2025-2026 school year. His four-year contract was due to expire on June 30, 2022.

Maryland state law provides a timeline and process for reappointing a superintendent. This process, set forth in Maryland Annotated Code Education Section 4-201(b), requires the superintendent to notify the board if seeking a second contract and the board is required to decide before the end. of the month of February. whether to renew.

The superintendent has requested a contract under the terms of the current contract and has not requested an additional salary increase. The negotiated salary for the next four years is a continuation of the current contract which included an annual salary increase of 0.5%. The superintendent’s salary increases by 0.5% per year, from $289,296 in the last year of the current contract to $290,743 to start the first year of the new contract.

The signed contract has been posted online.

“On behalf of the Howard County School Board, we are extremely grateful and heartened to have Dr. Martirano continue as our superintendent for the next four years,” said HCPSS School Board Chair Vicky Cutroneo. “Nearly five years ago, Dr. Martirano joined the school system as acting superintendent during a very tumultuous time. Since then, first as an acting and then as a permanent superintendent, he has successfully address key gaps in the system and implement a comprehensive strategic call to action to guide the work of our system. Through his collaborative leadership, he worked with our state and county leaders to put the school system on a stable financial footing, advancing much-needed capital projects, and most importantly, mobilizing funds and resources for special education, student welfare, technology, and many other neglected areas.”

William M. Mayer