City Council Approves Salary Increase for Coordinator | News

JASPER — Jasper City Council agreed to amend the city’s salary ordinance for a pay raise for the Older American Center activities coordinator at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Tom Moorman, representing the Older American Center’s Parks Department, explained the reasoning behind the request for a pay increase from $14 an hour to $21 an hour.

“We have an employee returning home to spend more time with his children, we also have the loss of a full-time position and the opening of a part-time position which requires special attention for the elderly “, said Moorman.

The board also discussed an additional appropriation for the remainder of the fiscal year ending in December. Clerk-Treasurer Allen Seifert explained in more detail where improvements have been made.

“Buffalo Trace Golf Course has had improvements on the 14th hole, they’re redoing the green in that area,” Seifert said. Other improvements to the course include the outdoor wooden deck and equipment deliveries.

Seifert also discussed the $1 million+ capital development fund for downtown street and sidewalk improvements; after that, there will be over $700,000 left in that fund.

City attorney Renee Kabrick detailed an application by KL Krodel LLC and KK Washington Properties for the rezoning of a property under the jurisdiction of the Jasper Planning Commission, and council approved the application.

Police Chief Nathan Schmitt reported on monthly activities, noting an increase in requests for additional patrols over the past year in the city, and told the council that the department had done a good job in the management of crimes related to children. He also said the department runs at least one welfare check a day to help those in need.

Schmitt reported that training new officers involved 1,500 hours of training recorded last year. The training involves physical tactics, vehicle operations, diversity and interrogation practices.

The Jasper Partnership Commission will meet next Monday at 8 am at City Hall.

William M. Mayer