Aspen council approves city manager’s pay raise

Aspen City Council on Tuesday approved a second amendment to City Manager Sara Ott’s employment contract, giving her a satisfactory review and a raise.

Hired in September 2019 with an annual salary of $203,000 plus benefits, Ott now earns $226,948.

This salary will be retroactive to September 2021 and this payment will take place no later than May 29, according to the employment contract unanimously approved by the board under its consent agenda. at its regular meeting.

No comments were made by council members before or after their vote on Tuesday.

The first amendment to his employment contract was approved by the board in December 2020 when his salary increased to $211,120 and was retroactive to September of this year.

After this review, Mayor Torre read a statement stating that Ott had exceeded expectations since becoming city manager.

“Sara has exceeded many high expectations this City Council had of our City Manager,” he said at the time. “In particular, she has advanced organizational and cultural change in municipal government, made significant progress on council goals including affordable housing, childcare and I would add our management programs and waste diversion, provided strong administrative leadership… stabilized finances and supports the city’s workforce.

“She has earned the trust of this city council, staff and community partners,” he continued. “We look forward to Sara focusing on strengthening communications with the board, media and community.”

The second amendment to his Ott’s employment agreement provides for a compensation adjustment based on satisfactory review by the board from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

William M. Mayer