Are you fired to get a raise?

A US company fired a woman who disclosed her salary

A woman working in a private company in the United States has lost her job after posting a video about her salary on popular social networking site TikTok.

Lexi Larson who lost her job Lexi Larson from Denver, USA is a woman who lost her job. He previously worked in the accounting department. A few days ago he also got a promotion to the technical department. A salary increase was also granted for this.

Larson, who earned $70,000 before the raise, now received $90,000 after the promotion. He also posted a detailed video on tik tok about it. In this situation, he was fired for not disclosing certain company secrets.

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What does the law say about employees? Meanwhile, there are reports that Larsen plans to take to research action against the company. US labor laws allow employees to negotiate wages with their co-workers. However, some restrictions do not share company logos.

Is this the reason? Larson may have shared confidential company information. US media say the company fired him. For Larson, who was fired despite an overall raise, that’s sure to be a lesson learned.

Keep this in mind Employees should be very careful when posting information about their company on social media. This applies not only to Larsen but to all employed workers. It gets you in such trouble

William M. Mayer