7% salary increase: the single column salary structure is apartheid

CLOGSAG Executive Secretary, Isaac Bampoe Addo

CLOGSAG calls for review of single column salary structure

The single spine is not transparent enough – Dr. Bampoe

Single Spine has resulted in a huge wage disparity

The Executive Secretary of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG), Isaac Bampoe Addo, has described the Single Column Salary Structure (SSSS) as an apartheid system.

Speaking on Joy News, Bampoe Addo said it was because the SSSS, which is used to pay workers in the public sector, had led to a big disparity in the salaries of workers from different classes in the sector.

According to him, the payment structure was also not transparent enough.

“For us, as CLOGSAG, the issue is transparency. This apartheid system of administering salaries in public services must give way to scientific thinking. There are wage differentials in public services, and these are things they have to look at.”

“Every year we hear about shortfalls from the ‘expenditure department’. Yet the Ghana Revenue Authority will tell us that it has exceeded its target every year, so what are you talking about? We need to take a look at the single spine salary structure,” he added.

Bampoe Addo said CLOGSAG is of the view that the payment structure should be reviewed as soon as possible.

The executive secretary made the remarks in response to the government’s increase in the wages of public sector workers by 7%.

William M. Mayer