Best Strategies (Signals) for Binary Option Trading

Trading with binary option is becoming popular day-by-day, because this option not only helps you to gain high profits in a very short period of time but it is also a very simple and effective way to make money. There are no specific eligibility criteria for the binary option trading. A person who does not even know how to do trading can take the benefits of the binary option trading.

There are various strategies that can be adapted to trade with Binary Options. However, listed below are the 3 important strategies for binary option trading.

1. Hedging:

This is a very old trading strategy used by lots of skilled traders. Hedging is a most effective way of reducing your risk in the market; it ensures and locks the profits that you have already got over your heavy investments. Hedging protects your earnings and does not allow your investments, profits, etc., to disappear. Binary option trading is a short term trading say for an hour, either you have to sell the entire lot or hold it back. And hedging as a strategy in binary options reduces the risk of losing the profits. You can go for either full hedging or partial hedging. Full hedging means that you will book your immediate profits by selling all shares, and partial hedging means selling half or some of shares to protect your profits.

2. Spread Strategy:

This is an effective strategy that can be used while trading with binary options. This strategy helps you to minimize the overall losses and protect the profits. In this strategy, both ‘put and call’ options are to be applied on the same asset. But ideally to make this function successful you should have two brokers working on the same asset, however this is not recommended. Hence, instead of this you should put a ‘call option’ on a rising asset and a ‘put option’ on the declining asset and can make chunks of profits with huge amount of money.

3. Straddle strategy:

This strategy is one of the most powerful strategies for trading with binary options and works on somewhat similar lines as that of the spread strategy. For example, in this strategy both ‘call and put’ options have to put on the same asset, but you will have to put the ‘put option’ as high as you can and when the market starts falling down you can put a ‘call option’ in the opposite direction, by doing this either you can book large profits or you will bear minimal losses.

Proper knowledge and a deep understanding of binary trading options will help you to make the maximum profit. So gather as much information and gain an in depth knowledge to make descent money by binary option trading.

Vijayraj Reddy
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