Spanish opposition fails to stop Sánchez government’s salary increase – POLITICO

An attempt by Spanish opposition parties on Wednesday to arrest Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and raise his government’s salary failed in Congress.

In amendments, the conservative People’s Party and the liberal Ciudadanos party tried to prevent the salary increase agreed for civil servants from also applying to members of the government. They also advocated a pay freeze for the prime minister and his government.

But the congressional budget committee rejected amendments to the 2022 budget bill, Spanish media reported.

Both opposition parties argued that the 2% pay rise was “unacceptable” and “incomprehensible” in the context of the post-COVID financial crisis.

“It is unacceptable that the government salary is increasing when a majority of Spaniards have seen their family income decrease due to the economic crisis,” the PP wrote in its amendment, according to the Spanish news agency Europa Press.

Ciudadanos’ amendment pointed out that “it is totally excessive and incomprehensible that the government has instituted a wage increase…in the current economic situation and the resulting economic pressure on workers, the self-employed and companies”.

As a result, the Prime Minister’s annual income will increase from €84,845 to €86,542. The annual salaries of the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Government, Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera, will increase from €79,746 to €81,341.

Last year’s finance bill also provided for a 2% raise for all civil servants. In response to a backlash, the ruling executive agreed to waive the pay rise.

William M. Mayer