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Maui County isn’t Vegas, but it still feels like the county is having a shakedown.

I will never believe Maui Police Department Chief Pelletier didn’t know about the high cost of living in Hawaii before applying. Why didn’t he discuss a raise when he was notified of his selection? Shakedown. I also wonder why the police commission was so quick to agree to his request for a possible salary increase, even recommending that he be paid more than he wanted. I think the Hawaii State Attorney General’s office should look into the commission and make sure it was selected fairly. Additionally, the county should consider an amendment to the county charter to give the Maui County Council more say in selecting the chief and deputy MPD. Instead of chief and deputy pay raises right now, raise core staff salaries so that more candidates consider becoming police officers and stay on until retirement. With a full contingent of police officers, overtime costs may decrease.

Michael Kaipo Nye

Maui Meadows

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