Salary increase brings Mayor Scott’s annual salary to nearly $200,000

The annual ritual of Baltimore elected officials quietly accepting a pay rise — which is automatically imposed on them by law — is upon us once again.

The mayor, comptroller, city council president and 14 council members will all receive a pay raise based on rules set in 2007 by a compensation commission established after city voters approved a charter amendment .

The commission’s recommendations were then approved by the city council and authorized by the state legislature.

They stipulate that if at least one municipal union or group of employees receives a salary increase during the current fiscal year, elected officials are entitled to an increase equal to 2.5% of their respective salaries.

While police, firefighters and blue-collar workers have not benefited from such an increase, the Managerial and Professional Society (MAPS), which represents employees, obtained a cost of living adjustment of 2% in July last, according to the Department of Human Resources.

There have been no known instances of a city official rejecting a pay raise.

As a result, the following salaries will be adjusted, effective January 1, 2022, after being “noted” as part of the Estimates Board minutes on Wednesday:

(REMARK: So far, there have been no known public instances of a city official rejecting a raise.)

• Mayor Brandon Scott – $199,044against $194,189.

• President of the city council Nick Mosby – $131,798up $128,583.

• Controller Bill Henry – $131,798up $128,583.

• Vice-chairman of the board Sharon Green Middleton – $84,729against $82,662.

City council members (there are 14) – $76,660 eachagainst $74,790.

$400,000 for the CEO of Visit Baltimore

The mayor’s salary is not the highest in the municipal administration.

This distinction comes down to Al HutchinsonCEO of Visit Baltimore, the quasi-public promotional organization, who was paid $401,411 in 2020, according to federal tax documents.

Among public sector employees, the highest paid include the Commissioner of Police Michael S. Harrisonwhich does $275,000 one year; Municipal administrator Christopher Shorterwho gets $255,000 one year; director of public works Jason W.Mitchellwho is paid $245,000 one year; and state attorney Marilyn Mosbywho won $247,956 in FY21, according to online records.

William M. Mayer