Resolution for the Revenue Commissioner’s Salary Increase | News

By Faye Gaston

At the February 14, 2022 meeting of the Bullock County Commission, the resolution was approved by the commission to increase the salary of Bullock County Revenue Commissioner Neara Reed.

The resolution read: Whereas Neara Reed was appointed as Bullock County Tax Assessor, January 15, 1981.

Whereas, the minimum annual salary of Tax Assessor was calculated based on the population of the county being less than 25,000.

The annual salary was $42,500. Whereas, the offices of Assessor and Collector of Taxes were abolished due to Law No. 91-363 creating the office of Commissioner of Revenue with a salary increase of $10,000.

The current salary of the Revenue Commissioner is $52,500.

Whereas, in 2000, the Omnibus Wages Bill was enacted by the Legislature providing for an expense allowance to the tax assessor in an amount not to exceed ten ($10,000) per year.

This amount would then form part of the tax assessor’s base salary in his next term.

THEREFORE, be it Resolved by the Bullock County Commission, that the Bullock County Commission agree that the salary of the Commissioner of Revenue be increased and an invoice or expense allowance in the amount of ten thousand ( $10,000) per year be introduced into the 2022 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature.

Said expense may be considered compensation for pension contributions and shall be paid out of the county’s general fund from the first day following the effective date of this Act.

The resolution was signed by the four county commissioners, Johnny Adams, Don Larkins, John McGowan, Solomon Marlow and Chairman Alonza B. Ellis, Jr.

William M. Mayer