Private Sector Minimum Wage Increase in Costa Rica for 2022 | Denton

The National Wages Council (CNS, for its acronym in Spanish) approved by majority the increase in the minimum wage for employees in the private sector for the year 2022, valid from January 1, 2022. The approved general increase was 2.09% for all minimum wages in the private sector.

In execution of the agreements made by the CNS, once the 2.09% has been applied, the following increases will also be applied to the minimum wages of the categories mentioned below.

1. Monthly domestic service 2.33962%.
2. Monthly semi-skilled worker 0.3986390%.
3. Skilled worker per day 0.3955514%.
4. Monthly skilled worker 0.5562880%.

This change means that, like every year, the elusive salary increases.

The decree on the minimum wage for the private sector applies to employees, regardless of their seniority in the company. The employees who benefit from this salary increase are:

  • Private sector employees currently receiving the legal minimum wage for their category.
  • Employees who have an agreement with their employer to benefit from the increase in the minimum wage, even if their current salary is higher than the legal minimum amount.

Dentons Muñoz–Costa Rica Employment, Labor and Immigration Law Firm provides legal advice regarding:

  • · Revision of legislation: to determine which of the applicable minimum wages corresponds to which category of employees.
  • · Legal advice: with reference to all minimum wage issues.
  • · Legal advice: to prevent future legal problems.

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