Lewis Hamilton’s pay rise for next year has been revealed as he tops the list

A list of the best Formula 1 drivers and their salaries has seven-time British champion Sir Lewis Hamilton at the top according to Spanish outlet Marca. Hamilton, who was beaten in the F1 championship last year on the final lap of the final race by rival Max Verstappen, appears to have at least propelled the Red Bull man to the top spot in earnings.

The highly anticipated 2022 F1 season will see rule changes in the sport making it even more competitive and although Hamilton has been quiet since last season’s devastating end, he should come back to fight harder than ever to win a record eighth title. .

And there will certainly be no shortage of financial reward for it.

With an expected base salary of €35m (£29m), Sir Lewis will increase his previous contract by some distance.

Current champion Verstappen is a distant second with a base salary of €22m (£18m).

2022 F1 driver salaries (with contract end dates, according to Marca)
1. L. Hamilton Mercedes 35 million euros, 2023
2. Mr. Verstappen Red Bull €22 million, 2023
3. Fernando Alonso Alpine €17.5 million, 2022
4. S. Vettel Aston Martin €13m, 2022+
5. D. Ricciardo McLaren €13m, 2023+
6. C. Leclerc Ferrari €10.5 million, 2024
7. Carlos Sainz Ferrari €8.5m, 2022+
8. V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 8.5 million euros, 2025
9. L. Stroll Aston Martin €8.5 million, indefinite term
10. S. Perez Red Bull €7 million, 2022

William M. Mayer