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The boom of real estate market India has witnessed a wonderful change over the past few years. It has become a money making industry all over the globe and all thanks to the globalization of the Indian industries. A recent real estate trend report by the Chamber of Indian Industries says that globally the Indian real estate market is and will always be regarded as one the best income generating asset. India has been ranked as 2nd prime crowded nation in the world. The need for housing for big residents has also participated as a significant role in the enhanced scope of this particular industry.

Indeed the real estate market of India is the most alluring investment alternative, since it gives daily returns besides offers capital appreciation. This picture is presently unfolding in the country. Some years back India property was always looked upon as one of the best places to invest your money, as the prices shot up at fast pace owing to the heavy demand and limited supply. The real estate developers were constructing commercial and residential projects which were sold like hot cakes much before the construction started. Besides, during this phase of construction the real estate changed hands many times before the project completed with prices increasing further.

Indian retail market boosts commercial Indian property

The retail sector of our country India has been witnessing a tremendous boom over the past few years. This has unquestionably influenced the commercial real estate market of India. The present size of vast retail estate sector in country is nearly 8, 10,000 crore INR of which just 2% is organized. The retail sector is expanding at frenetic pace @ 20% every year and more imperative; the organized retail sector is anticipated to grow from 2% to 22%. Much of this growth will take place in large metro cities.


Resultantly the global and Indian retail players depend on rental properties and shopping malls for their outlets, thereby leading to increased demand for commercial spaces. Since the Indian consumers cover both categories of low income and high income consumers, they would prefer buying consumer products from respective retail outlets. The high income will prefer shopping malls and showrooms, while low income will prefer the nearby located small stores. This will push a balanced growth of commercial sector in both urban and rural India property markets.

Impact of Metro on real estate market of India

The metro project in different cities is sure to surge the property prices in India. The real estate players have anticipated that the metro will have an optimistic impact in the property market along the main routes. Kolkata has experienced 10-20% rise in property prices while Kochi has witnessed 9-12%, together with 15% price rise in NCR regions.

If you want to invest in real estate India, then you can invest without thinking much as the rental rates in the country are amongst the highest in whole world. This leads to increased returns on investment on your property’s capital value. Invest in commercial real estate market, where the ROI is expected to be nearly 10-15% while investing in residential property is also beneficial because of increased demand for leasing.

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