How to Pay for an Executive MBA Program

Continuing education is one of the surer paths to a higher income and more rewarding career, but it is an investment that requires enormous resources. Given the upwards trend of tuition frees and other costs associated with returning to school, more and more people are encountering difficulties in paying the price even if they get past admissions. If you have been placed in this situation, here are some ways to help you pay for your MBA program:

Private Loans

Depending on your exact circumstances, you may not have access to loans and other forms of financial assistance from the government. In this case, the most dependable option is securing a student loan from a bank or other financial institution. Although the costs of such a loan will be higher than its governmental counterpart, there are some things that you can try to reduce the cost. Examples include building up a good credit rating, putting up collateral, and approaching institutions such as credit unions rather than commercial banks.

Government Assistance

Even at the graduate level, governments can still help out with loans, grants, and other forms of financial assistance. Common places to search for such assistance include both the federal government and the state or provincial governments depending on your country of residence. Students in the United States can check their eligibility for such assistance and submit their applications through the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Tuition Reimbursement

Most companies out there offer a measure of tuition reimbursement as a form of compensation for their employees. If you are interested in seeking out reimbursement for your tuition fees, you should approach your manager to ask about the programs available and the assistance rendered to those who are interested. Keep in mind that reimbursement means you will need to make the payment first and then apply for compensation.

Saving Up

Planning ahead and spending less to save up can be another means of funding your education. Although it is almost impossible to save up enough money to fund your entire education in a timely manner, each dollar saved is still a dollar that you no longer have to borrow when the time comes to cover tuition, supplies, and living expenses. Furthermore, borrowing less is important in regards to interest rates because higher principals are riskier for the lenders and thus result in higher interest rates.


Scholarships and similar forms of financial assistance such as bursaries and grants are made available to people coming from a range of circumstances by a similarly diverse range of organizations and individuals. Your best chance for finding scholarships is to either use a scholarship listing or approach someone such as your school’s financial aid office for recommendations. Remember that getting scholarships depends on you sending out your applications as soon as possible and applying to as many scholarships as possible. Your aim should be getting scholarships rather than any specific scholarships.


In the end, if you find it difficult to pay for your executive MBA program, you should take the time to examine all possible options to see if there is anything available to help you. Focus on the traditional methods of funding because those also tend to be the most effective, but do no neglect the more esoteric methods.

About author : Richard Kleven is an independent researcher and avid blogger. He has recently been researching online Executive MBA program options for students. He enjoys sharing his insights on various higher education blogs where his articles mainly appear.

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