Explained: how the IPL salary structure works

Ishan Kishan; 15.25 crores, Deepak Chahar; 14 crore – the IPL 2022 auction has seen a number of players sold to various teams at unbelievable prices as this year’s season draws ever closer.

But what do the prizes mean and how are they paid to players? Keep reading to find out:

The amount a team buys a player for is their salary during the IPL season of the year. The amount is only valid for the year for which they are sold.

If the team hires the player for several years, the salary extends to the number of years of validity of the contract (example: if a player is bought for Rs 4 crore for 3 years, his salary is Rs 12 crore).

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Players are paid in full for the season, regardless of how many games they play, as long as they remain with the team for the entire season.

However, if they leave games during the season, they will be paid on a pro-rata basis. Likewise, if the player withdraws before the start of the season, he does not receive any amount.

If the player is looking to be released before the contract expires, they can request it, and if the franchise releases the player before the contract expires, they will have to pay the player for the length of time they were hired.

Franchises are responsible for treating injuries suffered by players during the season

The player does not take home the full amount for which it was purchased, as tax calculations must be taken into account.

Franchises may not pay players in full at once – it depends on their money and income. Some franchises choose to stagger payments throughout the season based on these factors.

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