Change Your PS4’s Disk drive

The PlayStation 4 released with a 500-gigabyte hard disk. How charming! They believe 500 gigabytes is enough information! Hey, Sony! This isn’t 2008. 500 jobs aren’t posting likely to cut it. Not when you’re games have required installs. Not when your video games are 40 to 50 gigs a piece. You’re making us juggle data.

That’s fine with mobile phones, where apps could be deleted as well as reinstalled in 30 secs. It’s not OK when your video games are definitely substantial, as well as can take a couple HOURS to mount video games.

Why would you not ship with at least a terabyte? It’s absurd! You could shut up as well, Microsoft. You delivered with the same size hard drive .With your console you need to buy an exclusive drive. So, let me claim this with as much professionalism and trust I could muster up:

PLEASE NOTE: I do not think that this will void your service warranty, nonetheless, it is to your benefit to speak to Sony to make certain. I remain in no other way responsible for any type of damages or nullified guarantees that might happen as a result of a disk drive swap. You will require a ps4 deals with controller and a USB cable.

The very first step is to collect the materials! So initially you will require a new hard disk drive. I utilized a one terabyte Seagate hybrid drive. Make sure that the drive is 2.5-inch drive, or else it will certainly not fit in the PS4. You can likewise utilize a strong state drive.

Visualized: Seagate Hybrid Drive

You will additionally require a computer useful. Ugh, I recognize. I am asking a lot of you. Discover the most up to date firmware. See to it that you obtain the as of the date this write-up is published that firmware is 3.15. See to it is formatted to FAT32. Right click on the flash drive, and also click format as well as see to it FAT32 is selected.


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